ClujShorts ISFF 2022 Awards

  1. Best Animation

Footsteps on the Wind, Maya Sanbar, Gustavo Leal, Faga Melo, Brasil&UK&USA

A colorful animation about a painful and very contemporary subject, with a happy ending.


  1. Best Documentary

MADA or the story of the first man, Laurent Pantaléon, France

For a very well made documentary, that presents a possible alternative to the origin of man, combining several theories of its origin.


  1. Best cinematography

Branka, directed by Ákos K. Kovács, DOP-Levente Toth, Hungary, Drama

For a disturbing movie about troubled times, with an equally disturbing action.

An exclamation point that cannot be ignored and must not be repeated.


  1. Best script

Empiric, directed and written by Ioana Turcan, Romania, Drama

For the way it tells a story that we want forgotten, but which history proves that can be repeated at any time.


  1. Best student short

Old Born, regia Jordan De Deken, Belgium, Fantasy

For perfect mastery of cinematic language, beyond words.


  1. Best sound editing

Tranvía, directed by Carlos Baena, sound Oriol Tarrago, Spain&USA, Horror

The sound completes the image, creating the tension specific to the horror films, and here the overlap of the two elements is perfect.


  1. Best editing

Cristiano/Christian, directed by Adán Pichardo, editing by Marta Barrios,  Spain, Comedy

The editing of this short film manages to link together sequences with different rhythms, in a fluid and attractive cinematic composition, making a comedy with a less than amusing subject.


  1. Jury Award

Monsters, directed by Frank Tremblay, Canada, Drama

For a movie that shows how overprotecting parents can ruin lives


  1. Persona Association Award

Point d'orgue, directed by Benoît Ouellet, Canada, Action

For a film that proves with certainty that art transforms hatred into love, anger into joy and has the power to unite people.


  1. Best actor

Luca Massaro from Holy Son, regia Aliosha Massine, Italy, Drama

A certain type of character suits better each actor; but here we’ve met a wonderful actor, who covers with a fantastic talent sadness, worry, anger and then joy and ecstasy, managing to cover the whole range of emotions, with cohesive and credible acting.


  1. Best Director

Sergueï, directed by Lucas Fabiani, France, Drama

For the realism, on the screen, of a situation as true as it is incredible… And unfortunately, very contemporary. For the invitation it sends to the viewers for a moment of reflection on hatred, regardless of the reasons for it: nationality, social affiliation, religious beliefs, political class, sexual inclination.


  1. Audience Award

The Inheritance, directed by Marian Fărcuț, Romania, 2021.

13. Press Award

The Press Award ClujShorts 2022 is awarded ex aequo to two short films that discuss about suicide using humor.

The movies are Fine particles, director Grégory Robin, France and My friend, director Michaël Bier and Hervé Piron, Belgium.

Fine particles has a wise, full of sense view over life and it tells us that it becomes precious when we are about to loose it. The short film is edgy and full of mistry, we don’t know the characters and their motivations, very similar to real life. Another great quality of the film is its length: it’s a very short and condensed  film with an excellent soundtrack.

We liked My friend for the way it treats the alienation of modern people, the way it shows us people need to look for friends in the metavers and the way it teaches us that in life, when we fake certain feelings, even if we pretend, we start feeling those feelings.


  1. ClujShorts Trophy 2022

On my way, directed by Bertrand Basset, France, Drama

For a film that deals with a subject on the verge of morality. For the sensitive way in which it approaches family relationships and especially the passing into non-existence… or into the eternity.


  1.  Best of 10 ClujShorts Trophy

Campion/Champion, directed by Mans Berthas, Sweden

It was the audience vote.