Persona Association

Persona Association began with the premise that art, as part of culture, plays an important role in society through educational , social and cognitive functions.

We value both the art creator and the audience because the expressive structures created by art are capable of generating and communicating complex emotions, involving both the act of creation, as well as that of the reception, sensorial, intuition, affection and intelligence.

This belief accompanied us since 2003. All these years we were working with various institutions and organizations, local, national and international, in many artistic projects (theater, long and short films), social films (public interest issues such as drug use or suicide), medical and charity events (events for people with disabilities, donations).

Persona Association is the producer and organizer of ClujShorts International Short Film Festival.

You can check Persona Association’s website here.


ClujShorts is about love for the short films.

Because a short film is still a complete movie, it needs to be enjoyed for its artistic value, its complexity and its ability to express the film-makers vision in a shorter amount of time.

Therefore, as of 2013, every spring, ClujShorts brings together at Cluj Napoca film enthusiasts, film festivals, talented directors and actors, bold producers, and a large number of good films. ClujShorts encourages uprising directors and is also promoting already established ones. During the ClujShorts International Film Festival, we also organize workshops, master classes, exhibitions, meetings between the public and our guests.

ClujShorts International Short Film Festival reunites the central elements of the Persona Association: the passion for art and the passion for people.