Best editing Award:

Fine dying, Director Umut Evirgen, Editing Erkan Erdem, Turkey
This film stands out thanks to its brilliant cinematography and extremely intelligent editing. By
putting together scenes with different rhythms, Fine Dying by Umut Evirgen is a true masterpiece of parallel editing.

Best photography Award:

Red Wine, Director Santiago Menghini, DOP Olivier Gossot, Canada
Sumptuous imagery, the art of stage lighting and the amazing tones in chiaroscuro are the main
arguments which make this award go to Red Wine by Santiago Menghini.

Best sound editing Award:

Horrorscope, Director Pol Diggler, Sound Marcel Basté, Spain
Though really short, this film employs sound as a fundamentally significant universe, which
slowly builds up the atmosphere by emphasising the horror elements, especially the twist at the end: Horrorscope by Pol Diggler.

Best script Award:

The Narrator, Director Julia Trofimova, Screenwriter James Barron, coproduction
Russia & USA
This film starts from an original idea, and develops into an intelligent satire on the human
resources policy in companies, but also on the way in which social pressure affects people’s opinions about themselves: The Narrator by Julia Trofimova.

Best Director Award:

Moon Drops, Director Yoram Ever Hadani, coproduction Israel & Serbia & Montenegro
Romantic, delicate, ironic, Moon drops by Yoram Ever Hadani tells a story that touches every
viewer’s heart. The script, the images, the actors, all aspects of this tiny masterpiece are proofs of a
remarkable directorial vision.

Best Animation Award:

Bolero Station, by Rolf Brönnimann, Switzerland
Telling a story of profound human vibrations, using exquisite dark humor and bitter irony, Bolero
Station by Rolf Brönnimann teaches us that nothing in life is really lost forever.

Best student short:

Rien ne va plus, Director Sophie Linnenbaum, Germany
A delicate and touching film about the humanity we could be capable of in dire circumstances,
Rien ne va plus by Sophie Linnenbaum is built with a touch of genius. It’s dynamic, it has
psychological suspense, and great character outlines revealed through acting.

Persona Association Award:

White Mark, Director Anton Mamykin, Russia
Although funny at a first glance, White Mark by Anton Mamykin tells a story about the difficulty,
or even impossibility of staying clean and pure in a world where dirt is mostly on the inside.

Jury Award:

In The Hut Of Mr. Van Den Brink, Director Björn Renner, Germany
By drawing a fine line between reality and fiction, through its unexpected ending, In the Hut of
Mr. Van Den Brink by Björn Renner casts a razor sharp glance over the human nature.

ClujShorts Trophy 2020:

La Ricetta della mamma/Mamma’s Recipe, Director Dario Piana, Italy
This award goes to a film that creates a perfect blend between comedy and drama with a well
written script, a series of perfectly directed twists and turns, and flawless acting: La Ricetta della
mamma by Dario Piana.