We proudly present to you the ClujShorts 2019 Winners. Congratulations to all the winners and filmmakers.
All the best from our team.

ClujShorts Trophy
Director: Nicolas Boucart
Belgium, Drama

ClujShorts Trophy is awarded to a film debating one of the oldest and most beautiful dreams of mankind: Flight. The way the subject is presented to us, takes us beyond the flight, and what it means to fly, in fact, makes us think of freedom. And it proves us that freedom can not be achieved without work, without suffering, without dedication, without perseverance, without sacrifice. An extremely contemporary film, a metaphor of the current situation of the people, and of the Romanians in particular, which tend to freedom, often sacrifices.

Best Director
My Best Friend
Director: Catalin Bugean
Romania/United States of America, Comedy
Another year in which the directing prize is awarded to a Romanian film!
This prize comes to complete the idea that we, Romanians, are creative and manage to communicate and be organized. The film, a savory comedy, excellently mastered as a directorial project (scenario, shooting, installation), with a very good coordination of the actors, deserves the full prize.

Best Editing
Editing: Emilie Morier
Belgium, Comedy
The story is told in a series of frames that blend perfectly, creating the continuity and natural flow of action. This short-film is a comedy, and comedy is one of the most diffused genres to achieve, where you need to have exact measures. The irony of the exposed story is therefore due to an excellent fit.

Best Cinematography
Beyond Money
Cinematographer: Alex Catalán
Spain, Sci-Fi
A film of impeccable image quality combined with a flawless post production, which brings realistically a possible future where what is seen is impeccable, but what it feels is anxiety or vacuum.

Best Actors
Under Mom’s Skirt
Actress: Françoise Miquelis & Sara Verhagen
France, Comedy
This year, we decided to award a female actress duo who complement each other, embodying extremely credible characters, a mother-daughter couple, creating together delicious moments full of surprises and humor.
RO: Anul acesta am renunțat să oferim premiul pentru cel mai bun actor, pentru a oferi premiul pentru interpretare unui cuplu de actrițe care se completează reciproc, întruchipând personaje extrem de credibile, un cuplu mamă-fiică, ce creează împreună momente savuroase, pline de surprize și umor.

Best Script
Writers: Shirly Sasson-Ezer & Dana Keidar-Levin
Israel, Comedy
A film about family ties, judgement and prejudice, about beliefs, rituals and traditions, with a real documentary value. We see everything through the eyes of a character who is well grounded in today’s modern society. All in all, a very convincing film, who makes us wonder “What if this really works?”

Best Sound Editing
No Problem
Director: Jeppe Kaas
Denmark, Comedy
For the way the sound was captured to merge the sound from several types of microphones, creating a perfect contextual unit for attention to sound details and accents.

Best Animation
Gelato – Seven Summers Of Ice Cream Love
Director: Daniela Opp
A fresh animation about friendship, love, people, children, adults, puppies, creativity, war and the history of ice cream. A beautiful love story that lasts for years.

Best Documentary
Directors: Marcos Cabotá Samper & Joan Bover Raurell
Presented as a police film, the documentary introduces us to the world of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, of the steps the two of them do in search of Kyoko. The film is highlighted by the included archive images and testimonies of people from around the world.

Persona Association Award
Director: Christian Stahl
Germany/Ukraine, Thriller
We decided to award this prize to a movie that highlights the diametrically opposed area of everything we have said so far – the technology that replaces the man, the robots or the apps that replace us. In the meaning of this film, they do not want to copy the characteristics / features of man, because often man can be hypocritical, false, petty, cruel.

The Jury Award
The Screenwriter
Director: François Paquay
Belgium, Comedy
An autoironic film that reveals elements behind the scenes of film production and makes us realize that scriptwriters, the better they are, the more crazy they are. We remain to extrapolate these requirements to all artists.

Best Student Short
Dante vs. Mohammed Ali
Director: Marc Wagenaar
Netherlands, Drama
It is a movie about sensitivity, feelings, pain, the poetry of love. The film manages to communicate everything in a skilful way.

Audience Award
My Best Friend
Director: Catalin Bugean
Romania/United States of America, Comedy

Press Award
The Screenwriter
Director: François Paquay
Belgium, Comedy