1. The best animation/Best Animation

Eeva, by Morten Tšinakov & Lucija Mrzljak, Croatia & Estonia

An animation in which lines, colors, sounds or sometimes silence speak of pain, loss and human relationships, telling the story accurately without any words.


  1. The best documentary/ Best Documentary

Courage, directed by Star Bazancir & Jasmina Pusök, Sweden

A documentary that elegantly combines real and raw testimonies with animation, telling in great depth the life story of some women, while keeping their identity hidden, and still creating the feeling that you see them, you know them.


  1. The best image/Best cinematography

Dispatchers, directed by Aitor Padilla, DOP Joan González, Spain, Thriller

„The best picture award” goes to a short film that manages to create an extremely accurate image of the action taking place off-screen, behind a telephone line.


  1. The best script/Best script

Parlez vous? directed and written by Aitor de Quintana, Spain, Comedy

The best script award goes to a Spanish film with only two characters, in which the dialogue, in French, turns, through an ingenious script, into a monologue, creating a comedy about lobbying and bribery.


  1. The best student short film/ Best student short

The Devil, directed by Jan Bujnowski, Poland

A well-knitted short film about love, even if it has in the title and as the main character the Devil.


  1. The best soundtrack/Best sound editing

The Tenant, directed by Lucas Paulino & Ángel Torres, music by Fede Pajaro, horror, Spain

Although the sound and the image of a film are equally important, in the horror short film the sound seems to be more relevant.

The short film „the Tenant” manages to convince us of the reality of the situation using the sound.


  1. Best montage/Best editing

Tria, directed by Giulia Grandinetti, edited by Niccolo Notariò, Italy, Drama

A film in which the editing connects sequences with different rhythms, creating a very impressive utopian life story, questioning the rules imposed by society, focusing on the sacrifice necessary to build a better life.


  1. Jury Award/Jury Award

Coup de pompe/ Flat tired, directed by Sylvain Robineau, France, Comedy

A charming comedy about relationships, friendship, trust, support, truth and lies.


  1. Persona Association/Persona Association

Tula, directed by Bea de Silva, Spain, Comedy

The Persona Association combines artistic activities with those promoting health, so this year we have chosen to give the Persona Association award to a very well created comedy, in which the students have a sex education lesson, held in a unique setting and taught by someone totaly unexpected.


  1. The best actor/Best actor

Solo, directed by Alberto Gross Molo, actor Pablo Molinero, Spain, Drama

For the way he manages to bring true parental affection into the context of the film, both as a father and as a son, creating a story filled with emotions.


  1. The best director/Best Director

Ask, directed by Naizabek Sydykov, Drama, Kyrgyzstan

A short film made in a minimalistic color scheme, meant to keep our memory of the recent history awake, reminding us how dangerous it is to loose our freedom, when obedience and fear replace the analytical spirit.


  1. Audience Award

Tula, directed by Bea de Silva, Spain, Comedy


  1. Press Award/Press Award

The Bank Loan/The Bank Loan, directed by Álex Escudero, Spain, Comedy

For the creative framing, the clever editing, the bright ending and the idea of ​​giving up faith to believe in money. We also appreciated the humor and the twists and turns and the happy ending, based on the idea that heaven should not be looked for on the other side, because it is here. You just need a lot of money and gullible people, as for the heaven beyond. For all this, the Cluj-Shorts Press Award goes to the film El credito (The Bank Loan), by Alex Escudero.


  1. ClujShorts Trophy/ClujShorts Trophy 2023

The Bank Loan/The Bank Loan, directed by Álex Escudero, Spain, Comedy

For a film with twists and turns, that takes us through the entire range of emotions experienced in front of the big screen.