Best Director Award

The Handyman, Australia, Drama, Director Nicholas Clifford

Directed with great finesse, the film tells a story about loneliness, failure and hope, which is deeply emotional.

Best Photography Award

Allée des jasmins / Jasmine Lane, France, Drama, Director Stéphane Ly-Cuong, Director of Photography Alexander Icovic

This award is given for the refinement of composed images, for the art of harmonizing colors and shadows and – especially – for the powerful way the DOP has transformed the film into a painting.

Best Sound Editing Award

Musician, Iran, Drama, Director Mohsen Mehri Darouei, Music Mahdi Kalantari, Sound Babak Niazi, Sound mixing Hossein Ghoorchian, Recording supervisor Arian Gheytasi

This film deserves an award for the soundtrack, not only because it is a film about music and the desire to sing, but also because a polymorphic sound world is built, where the slightest noise falls into a superior harmony.

Best Script Award

Triplet, Russia, Drama, Director Vadim Zaytsev, Written by Alexander Vorozheykin

Authentic, frank, dynamic, psychologically truthfull, full of surprises, the script of this film guarantees an empathic reaction of the spectators …

Best Editing Award

La Chica de los Cigarrillos / Cigarette Girl, Spain, Fantasy, David Cortázar& Alejandro Arestegui, Editing Jesús Ramé

The editing of this film manages to link together sequences with very different rhythms, with very particular atmospheres and tonalities, in a fluid and attractive cinematographic composition.

Best Animation Award

A Heart of Gold, France, Animation, Simon FILLIOT

This refined animation incites us to a very actual reflection on how big are the sacrifices we must accept for those we love and on the perverse ways of the socio-political system in which we are trapped, forcing us to lose our humanity.

Best Documentary Award

Venim pe rând și mergem pe sărite/ We Come One by One and We Leave at One’s Time, Documentary, Romania, Mihnea Toma

Made with sincerity, directness and precision, this documentary addresses the survival of ancient funeral practices in an ecclesiastical and socio-political context that is not favorable to them.

Jury Special Award

El Pas de Sant Joan/ The Pas de Sant Joan, Spain, Fantasy, director Ana Ortiz

Tragic and comic at the same time, this film manages to address the fear of death and to look at it with a smile.

Persona Association Special Award

Cancer, sans dec / Cancer? No kidding, France, Comedy, director Emilie C. Marsollat

Of great psychological depth, this film manages to treat in a concentrated form, in a serious tone, but also with notes of humor, the array of emotional, social, sexual problems that women with breast cancer face.

The last bleat, Germany, War, director Yara Khalil

A simple, painful, absurd film, but full of compassion, The Last Bleat offers a model of noble conduct, in which love is above death and war.


ClujShorts Trophy

One 2 One, Spain, Drama, director Néstor Ruiz Medina

Fast, focused, strong, this film shines through a well-cohesive script, through the high-intensity acting, through the impeccable filming and through the upheavals that keep the spectators breathless.