ClujShorts 2016: 4-10 April, Victoria Cinema

30th of November, 23:59 submissions closed for the fourth edition of ClujShorts. We would like to thank the 677 directors and producers from around the world who have submitted their work and together with whom we are able to organize a fourth edition marked by diversity and full of surprises.

As in previous years, the participants originate from such a variety of countries from all continents, that it would be difficult to list them all here. According to our statistics, the countries with most submissions are Germany, France, Russia, Spain, The United Kingdom and India. 40% of all submitted films are made by students from Film Academies around the world. We also report a 75% increase of submitted Romanian films, as compared with the previous year.

December 2015: now that’s what I call intense! The selection team members together with their

teamleader Rareș Stoica (ClujShorts’ Artistic Director) are currently watching and scoring each submitted film. Four out of a total of seven team members are experts in the field of cinematography, whilst the remaining three are ardent film lovers from other areas of expertise; for confidentiality purposes their identity is kept anonymous. Each film is scored on a scale from 1 to 10 by every team member, who is required to write a short explanation for her/his choice.

January 2016: Though, the selection process is more complicated than it appears. Approximately 150 films have to be selected. However, listing films according to the sum of their allocated scores often proves insufficient because team members can have highly contradictory opinions. Ultimately, this accurately portrays the beauty of ClujShorts: all films are taken into account. They are extensively debated both before and after they are screened in the cinema: “Every year we argue. This is particularly true about films with borderline

scores. Usually, our decision is unanimous for half of the films. As for the other half, we each pick our favourites. To say nothing about deciding which films take part in the competition… It’s a nightmare (laughs). However, it is all worth it in the end”, says one of the selection team members in an interview due shortly for publication.

We will announce the films selected for ClujShorts 2016 in mid-January, when we will also be able to give you more details about what the fourth edition will bring. Until then we wish you Happy Holidays and we are looking forward to see you in 2016 with great new films!