President of the jury.

Film theorist and writer. He teaches cinema aesthetics and film theory at the Department of Cinematography and Media, Faculty of Theatre and Television, Babeş-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca. His main areas of interest are some major genres such as horror and fantasy (with a particular attention accorded to the cinematic representations of witchcraft) and the complex relations between cinema and literature. He focused some recent researches on the ways 19th and 20th century French literature nourished cinema, from the well-known problem of adaptation to the influence of poetry on the film discourse. From 2016, Ioan Pop-Curşeu is a member of the Academia Europaea, in the Film, Media and Visual Studies section (http://www.ae-info.org/ae/Member/Pop-Cur%C5%9Feu_Ioan ). Ioan Pop-Curşeu is also very interested in theater, literature, social psychology and anthropology, being a member in various research groups in these fields. Personal academic page: http://ubbcluj.academia.edu/IoanPopCur%C5%9Feu



Filmmaker – documentary director, director of photografy, director, PhD. in visual arts, academician in cinema, member of the Association of Television Professionals from Romania (APTR) and the International Documentary Association (IDA – Los Angeles), founding member of the International Association The Explorer Society. He is a full member of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Film with the title “academician of arts”. In 34 years of continuous activity, he conducted over 1000 TV newsfilms, over 400 various productions (monographs, documentary films, artistic short films, film essays), as director of photography, co-author, screenwriter and director, signed the image 5 TV movies. As a writer, art director and director of photography has made 92 author movies in various genres, especially documentaries. As director of photography and/or director participated in 29 international co-productions, with producers from the U.S., Australia, Sweden, Hungary, Austria, Germany.

Ferenc Koos


Engineer, sound designer. Studies of mathematics, electronics, music and film.

An entire life spent in between technology and art. He is the maker of the soundtrack of numerous artistic films and animations (Through the Ashes of the Empire, Pintea, The Youth Elixir, etc.) He had fruitful collaborations with film directors such as Ion Popescu Gopo, Andrei Blaier. Mircea Muresan, Mircea Veroiu, Iosif Demian, etc.

He is the maker of the first music synthesizer (Moog) and sound effects in Romania (1975), this technology being used afterwards at Buftea Studios as well as in animation films. He’s the author of a number of published articles and patents in the field of electronics and sound processing. He teaches at the Institute of Polytechnics in Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications. His present-day research focuses on the field of visual perception in relation to that of sound and the interpenetration of sound stream and images.