The shorts are near: ClujShorts – Official selection

ClujShorts 2016: 4-10 April, Victoria Cinema, Cluj-Napoca

 Firstly, we wish to thank everyone who has submitted their short films to be selected for ClujShorts. We are receiving more an more shorts of great quality every year and that makes it rather difficult for us to decide which to include in our official selection. It has been an honor to watch each and every short that has been sumbitted: we have learnt and discovered a great deal. Following heated discussions accompanied by what we would like to call true revelations, we are delighted to share our official selection here with you.

677 shorts have been submitted. After more than 175 hours of film-watching and several days of debate, we have reached a unanimous decision: we have selected 181 shorts. 181 films, or 36,92 hours filled with suspense, innovation and diversity will be screened at our 4th edition of ClujShorts, at Victoria Cinema.

Still, what does this selection actually mean?

Comedies of a fantastic humour, filled with subtilties and absurd.

Dramas with most complex characters and stories.

Animations that cover the range of visual delight from magical to grotesque.

Documentaries that engage the viewer to think critically and take stand.

Experimentals that bring you a truly synesthesic experience.

In short? Directors whom you probably have not heard of before, but whose names you will be sure to hear again.

However, our work is not done just yet. Out of 181 selected films, only a third will enter the official competition. We are currently viewing them again and debating. Therefore, you will hear from us again in two weeks with new information.

We would like to congratulate those who have been selected! Furthermore, we would like to thank you, not only for chosing ClujShorts, but also for helping us put together a truly remarkable edition. We look forward to seeing you all at ClujShorts!

ClujShorts Awards 2015

Call her Lotte - ClujShorts Trophy

For telling an emotional storyabout friendship during difficult times, for allying in a perfect corelationthe sound track with the visual composition.


Citizen Torralba Redux - Best Screenplay

For having such a convincingscript, for making us believe a 100% that a story that is completely made up, canbe real.


Five Ways to Die - Best Director

For the coherent director’sview that insures a successfull movie, from a technical and also narattive pointof view, but also from a comedy point of view and its affect on the moviegoer.


Sailor’s Song - Best Image

For the exceptional quality ofthe image, for the special shotting of the night scenes, for the elegance ofthe composition and for the technique of the dark sumbre tones that underlinethe desperation and melancoly of the story.


Children of the River - Young Europe

For telling a heartfelt andcompasionate story about youth, the transformation from the childhood to the teenageyears; for syncronizing with the spirith of Cluj-the youth capital of Europe in2015.


Puzzle - Best Montage

For the way it erases theborders between reality and fantasy, possibility and impossibility, life anddeath, by using movie editing, cuts, linking, rithm and transitions betweendifferent realities.


Terra 2084 - Best Soundtrack

For the complex way thesoundtrack is orchestrated, with a subtle gradations of itensity, withinterlinking of diverse harmonics; for the way it makes the voice and thecommunication two parts of major importance in the technical-ideologicalconstruction of the whole.


Berlin Troika - Best Student Movie

For the bold, dynamic,original cosntruction of a story with a high political impact, where comedy,tragedy and grotesque are interlinked.


Raphael - Best Animation

For the way it creates a scaryatmospere using digital animation that makes the moviegoer shiver.


Picky Mouse - Best Kids Animation

For the precision and clarityof the animation, for the music quality and for the educational value of thefable.


Why I Write - Best Documentary

For being a dynamic and freshdocumentary, that brings to life a passed away writer, not only because of hiswritten texts and interviews of other writers, but also as a ghost that huntsrelentesly the present.


Sanguine Craving - Best Male Actor

For the bloddy and comic wayin which a young man feels the need to confirm his individuality even when itleads him on the criminal path his father before him had taken.


Registered - Best Female Actress

For using humor to tell adramatic story of an intelectual and moral growth; for the convincing way inwhich the lead acctress conveys the hardship and struggles that thecontemporary young adults are facing.


Side Effects - Persona Association Award

For the moral dilemma that itrepresents, reminding us how difficult are the decisions we need to make, howdifficult it is to see in „Black and white” withouth considering the „grey” andhow often we have to sacrifice our principle in the name of other „superior priciples”...


Boulevard's End - The Jury Award


Fortrying to innovate the usual formula of a documentary by including asubjective note and by playing smart with the aesthetic principle of asynchrony between picture and sound.


Still got lives... - The Local Press Award 


There Ain't No Bad Directing When You Shoot Pretty Girls - The Audience Award

ClujShorts 2015 Official Competition

55 shorts were selected for this year's Official Competition and will compete for the ClujShorts Trophy and another 15 awards.

Please keep in mind that all the 159 films selected will be screened. All the selected films compete for the Audience AwardThe Press AwardPersona Association Award

Here is the Official Competition  list.

Congratulations & good luck. 

More information about the awards you can find HERE (section D) Awards)