ClujShorts 2019 Official Selection

This year’s selection process has come to an end.  Here  is the Official Selection for ClujShorts 2019.

Save the date for the 7th edition: April 5-14, Cluj-Napoca

ClujShorts 2018 Official Competition

All selected short-films this year (Official Selection) will be screened during the festival, April 23 – 29, 2018. All of them compete for The Audience Award, Persona Association Award (Organizer’s Award), The Press Award.

From the total of 160 films selected, 47 short-films were chosen for the Official Competition. The latter, besides the awards listed above, also compete for: ClujShorts Trophy, Best Student Film, Best Animation, Best Documentary, Best Directing, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Script, Best Romanian Short-Film.

As well as the last three editions, Rotary Cluj – Napoca Visio is offering the ClujShorts Trophy worth 500 Euros.

Filmmakers and short-film lovers are invited to take part in the 6th edition of ClujShorts International Short Film Festival. Filmmakers have the opportunity to present their film in front of the audience through Q&A sessions.

During the festival, in addition to screenings, will take place workshops and cultural events. The 6th edition will end on April 29, with the Awards Gala.

Below you can find the Official Competition list.

Nr.Crt Original Title English Title Director Country
1 -Winston -Winston Aram Sarkisian United States
2 100th Birthday Wish 100th Birthday Wish Lien Chien Hung Taiwan
3 2Lei60 2Lei60 Camelia Popa Romania
4 Aaba Grandfather Amar Kaushik India
5 Annunciation Anunciation Halit Ruhat Yildiz Germany
6 Au Revoir Balthazar Goodbye Balthazar Rafael Sommerhalder Switzerland
7 Birthday Birthday Alberto Viavattene Italy
8 Brug Bridge Niels Bourgonje Netherlands
9 Coma y Beba Eat and Drink Jaime Figueroa Spain
10 Cubeman Cubeman Linda Dombrovszky Hungary
11 Die Couch The Couch Joe Paul Kienast Germany
12 Die Überstellung The Transfer Michael Grudsky Israel, Austria, Germany
13 Eaglehawk Eaglehawk Shannon Murphy Australia
14 Entre Deuils Between Mournings Frédéric De Brabant France
15 Famille À Vendre Family for Sale Sebastien Petretti Belgium
16 Firouzeh Turquoise Roozbeh Misaghi Iran,United Kingdom
17 Framed Framed Marco Jemolo Italy
18 Fugit Fugit Marta Bayarri Spain
19 Gridlock Gridlock Ian Hunt Duffy Ireland
20 Hubo Un Lugar There Was A Place Irene Garces Spain
21 Humans Of Christiania Humans Of Christiania Elena Rubashevska Denmark,Ukraine
22 Irony Irony Radheya Jegatheva Australia
23 Kampung Tapir Kampung Tapir Aw See Wee Malaysia
24 Kukuschka Kukuschka Dina Velikovskaya Russia
25 Les Jours Sans Fin The Endless Days Philippe Grenier Canada
26 Los Hombres De Verdad No Lloran Real Men Don’t Cry Lucas Castán Spain
27 Lost Face Lost Face Sean Meehan Australia,Canada
28 Mam Cie I've Got You Sebastian Drozak Poland
29 Marshrutka The City Shuttle Tatiyana Ilyina Russia
30 Médico De Monstro Doctor Of Monster Gustavo Teixeira Brazil
31 Monday - A German Love Story Monday - A German Love Story Sophie Linnenbaum Germany
32 Na Cherveno Red Light Toma Waszarow Bulgaria,Croatia
33 Night Call Night Call Amanda Renee Knox United States
34 Parched Parched Christy Westad, Elijah Guess United States
35 Pez Fish Javier Quintas Spain
36 Ragnarok Ragnarok Urte Oettinger & Johan Oettinger Denmark,Lithuania
37 Refugiados Refugees David Rodríguez Muñiz Spain
38 Renta Antigua Old Lease Vicente Barella Spain
39 Silent Campine Silent Campine Steffen Geypens Belgium
40 The Living Go Ahead The Living Go Ahead Pavel Palekhin Russia
41 The Mauritania Railway: Backbone Of The Sahara The Mauritania Railway: Backbone Of The Sahara Macgregor Spain,United States
42 To Catch A Fly To Catch A Fly Sanne Kortooms Netherlands
43 Tomasito Tommy Ignacio F. Rodó, Sergio Arróspide Spain
44 Trauma Industries Trauma Industries Jethro Massey France
45 Written/Unwritten Written/Unwritten Adrian Silisteanu Romania
46 Гейм Game Alex Dikhovichniy Russia
47 Монах The Monk Danil Grinkin Russia

Cluj Shorts 2016 Official Competition

The final decision has been made: 54 out of 181 selected films will enter  the Cluj Shorts 2016 Official Competition for the ClujShorts Trophy. The complete list can be found here. The decision has been far from easy. „All 181 films are of an excellent cinematic quality. However, for the competition, we searched deeper. We valued attention for detail, how well the ideas behind it have transcended the film and the boldeness to transgress the conventional”, said Rareș Stoica, artisitic director for ClujShorts.

As for the jury members, already veterans at ClujShorts, they will have the difficult task to select the best shorts from the 54 films in the official competition. In 2016, ClujShorts jury will be under the careful coordination of  Dr. Ioan Pop-Curseu, president of the jury, distinguished professor and researcher of literature and film. With him, the other members of the jury are: Gabor Xantus, distinguished documentary producer and a scholar in the cinematic arts, Sergiu Matei, Emmy award winnig and world-wide known cameraman and, strating this year: Francisc Koos; Engineer, sound designer. He has studies of mathematics, electronics, music and film, an entire life spent in between technology and art. He is the creator of the soundtrack of many artistic films and animations (Through the Ashes of the Empire, Pintea, The Youth Elixir etc.) He had fruitful collaborations with film directors such as Ion Popescu Gopo, Andrei Blaier, Mircea Mureșan, Mircea Veroiu, Iosif Demian etc. He is the creator of the first music synthesizer (Moog) and sound effects in Romania (1975), this technology being used afterwards at Buftea Studios as well as in animation films. He’s the author of a number of articles and patents in the field of electronics and sound processing. He teaches at the Institute of Polytechnics in Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications. His present-day research focuses on the field of visual perception in relation to that of sound and the interpenetration of sound stream and images.

The public and the Cluj media will play an extremely important part at ClujShorts, as all 181 films will enter the Cluj Shorts 2016 Official Competition for the Audience Award and the Cluj Press Award (Vasile Hotea-Fernezan president,  Demostene Șofron, Cătălin Bogdan, Claudiu Pădurean, Oana Grigorescu, Ioan-Pavel Azap, Tiberiu Fărcaș) Furthermore, the Persona Association (producer and organizer of ClujShorts) will also grant a Special award for the production which manages to reunite in an original manner the central elements of the Persona Association: the passion for health, culture and people. (Complete list of awards you will find here, paragraf 5, Awards ).

In 2016 the competition will be a close one. However, more than just a short film competition, ClujShorts will provide an exciting environment for discussion and debate. Further information on this year’s events will be provided. 4-10th of April will be a truly intense week!

Tickets are available at Cinema Victoria. For further information visit or follow us on facebook