ClujShorts 2014 Award Winners

ClujShorts has reached the end of its second annual edition. This year ClujShorts has grown  in number of films, events, audience as well as in the number of awards.  In total fourteen awards and the ClujShorts Trophy were presented at the awards gala.  We send a  heartfelt thank al of those who have submitted their films, the participants, the audience, the ClujShorts team and the volunteers. Without the aforementioned,  ClujShorts wouldn't have been possible.

The winners are:

The ClujShorts Trophy: Moritz and the Woodwose , GERMANY, Director: Bryn Chainey.

The Jury’s motivation:  For its touching script, for its outstanding quality of image and directing; because it is a gentle, yet harsh film; a moving film marked with humanity.



The Persona Association Award: The Last Caravan, FRANCE, Director: Foued Mansour

Persona Association’s motivation: for emphasizing the current social problems, for the extraordinary quality of its script and image and for the wonderful acting performance.

La Dernière Caravane; C'est à Voir production; Un film de Foued Mansour



The Jury Award: The Girl Across the Street, THE NEDERLANDS, Director: Steven Wouterlood

The Jury’s motivation: For a film which delivers powerful emotions and which proposes a profound meditation on life, with an open ending of a fruitful ambiguity…

52 The Girl Across The Street (1)


The Cluj Press Award: Miruna, POLAND, Director: Piotr Sułkowski

Anna Gorajska


The Audience Choice Award: Border Patrol, GERMANIA, Director: Peter Baumann



The Award for Best Documentary: Portrait of An Urban Beekeeper, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Director: Steve Ellington

The jury’s motivation: for the ability to infiltrate in a man’s life and humanely portrait his passion through artificial means.

 Portrait Urban beekepr


The Award for Best Animation: Dji. Death Fails, MOLDOVA, Director: Dmitri Voloshin.

The Jury’s motivation: for an animation of remarkable quality which manages to be outstandingly funny without making use of language.

131 Dji. Death Fails (2)


The Award for Best Student Film: 30 Ways to Attract  Man, RUSSIA, Director: Nikita Chisnikov.

The Jury’s motivation: For a film that brings a breath of fresh air, dramatic, yet filled with humour.

404 30 Ways To Attract a man (1)


The Award for Best Director: Tempo, BELGIUM, Director: Tony Marioni and Benoit Fontenelle

The Jury’s motivation: For a direction of exceptional quality and coherence; for the way in which sound and image were combined, for the script and the special effects.


The Award for Best Actress: Celeste Ribeiro,  for her role in What Love Means to Me, PORTUGAL, Director: Ricardo Martins

The Jury’s Motivation: For the spotless and colourful interpretation of a profoundly difficult role. 23 What Love Means To ME stills (1)


The Award for Best Actor: Johannes Silberschneider,  for his role in In the Still of the Night, AUSTRIA, Director: Erich Steiner.

The Jury’s motivation: For his refined and moderate, lacking in overacting the tragic character of the father.Father's secret


Award for Best Picture: Vladan Obradoviƈ, Red Snow, SERBIA, Director: Luka Popadic

The Jury’s motivation: for the extraordinary quality of the image, for its clarity and the right amount of colour used, for contrasts and for the balance of the visual imagery



The Award for Best Film Editing: Fortune Faded, GERMANY, Director Alexander Heringer

The Jury’s motivation: For the original and strong montage, for the way in which dynamics is suggested through virtually static images.



The Award for Best Soundtrack: Second Wind, RUSSIA, Director: Sergey Tsyss

The Jury’s motivation: For the soundtrack which neatly combines music with ambient sounds, the natural with the artificial; because through this film they built and aesthetic and coherent project via the knowledgeable combination of sound and image.



The Award for Best Script: Rodica Dominteanu, Objects in Mirror Are Closer than They Appear, ROMANIA, Director: Alex Capatoiu

The Jury’s motivation: for a simple and efficient script, written in a plain yet witty language.