ClujShorts 2016 – At the Starting Line

April 4th-10th, Victoria Cinema, Cluj-Napoca


For Cluj Shorts 2016 the week of shorts is rapidly closing in on us. As promised, besides the exceptional selection of shorts, this week will be filled with cultural events, which by no means should be missed.

For the first time we shall break with tradition and start with a press conference before the actual start of the festival: the press conference shall take place at 15:00 on the 1st of April at The Office, 21 Decembrie 1989 Blvd., 77. This is where you can get a feeling of what ClujShorts is all about, so everybody is welcomed: it's worth listening to the story. Both the ClujShorts team members as well as the jury members will attend the conference. Furthermore, due to the 100th Anniversary of DaDa-Movement, the President of the ClujShorts Jury Ioan Pop-Curșeu will also give a short talk on the relationship between DaDa and Film.

Monday, the 4th of April, 17:00. We start the week with the One frame. One story exhibit, which is already tradition at ClujShorts. The Ciorchin Space (Avram Iancu Str., 22) will host the exhibit, where three artists will show their works: Ioana Călin, Mara Chirteș and Ștefan Socaciu. Just in case you miss the official opening, the exhibit will be open to the public throughout the festival.

Another first for ClujShorts is our partnership with PATRIR, a peace-organisation from Cluj-Napoca. Together we shall organize a workshop discussing the complex issues of the refuges crisis. The event will take place at 19:00 in Flying Circus (Iuliu Maniu Str., 2). A very promising selection of shorts from past editions will be shown and discussed here.

On Tuesday, the 5th of April, 17:30 and 19:30 we shall revisit the Best of ClujShorts 2015 – The winning shorts will be screened at the Victoria Cinema within a unique cinematic experience. Be sure not to miss this warm up round!

Wednesday, the 6th of April, 16:00 we'll all be book worms! Ioan Pavel Azap, a writer and film critic, will be launching his book Șapte capodopere ale filmului românesc (Seven Masterpieces of the Romanian Cinema). Every book and/or film enthusiast is invited at the Cinema Room of the Theatre and Television Department of the UBB Cluj (Mihail Kogalniceanu Str., 4) for the book launch.

Thursday, the 7th of April will be all about the directors: Our Artist-Talk, organized together with the German Cultural Centre, is intended at those interested in the cinematic arts. At 18:00, University Str., 7-9, everyone is invited to a discussion session with director Felix Ahrens, Germany, on how to make it as a director even though you lack funds: Becoming a Director. Low/No Budget Movies.

Saturday at 16:00 ClujShorts is OUT and LOUD on the Casino Platform in the Central Park: an exciting mixture of digital music and DaDa-themed films will be available both for the film lovers and all the pedestrians. Also Saturday, this time in the evening, at 22:00 will begin the official ClujShorts party in Club IG (Dorobantilor Str., Piata Marasti Parking) with DJ DJ Jonnessey and Aner. This is the perfect place and time to get to know the ClujShorts team and guests better. And also to have a really good time!

On Sunday, the 10th of April, even though the last day of the festival, we're still going strong: The Award Ceremony, hosted by the amazing stand-up comedian Dragoș Pop, will start at 17:00 and it is open to the public. From 18:30 and 20:30 we will have two projections with winning films.

Besides this long list of events, ClujShorts has even more to offer: Q&As with various international directors, special screenings for children, raffles and other surprises for attendees are also planned. For further information concerning the schedule, the films or the directors, please follow us on Facebook: or see our official site:

Cluj Shorts 2016 Official Competition

The final decision has been made: 54 out of 181 selected films will enter  the Cluj Shorts 2016 Official Competition for the ClujShorts Trophy. The complete list can be found here. The decision has been far from easy. „All 181 films are of an excellent cinematic quality. However, for the competition, we searched deeper. We valued attention for detail, how well the ideas behind it have transcended the film and the boldeness to transgress the conventional”, said Rareș Stoica, artisitic director for ClujShorts.

As for the jury members, already veterans at ClujShorts, they will have the difficult task to select the best shorts from the 54 films in the official competition. In 2016, ClujShorts jury will be under the careful coordination of  Dr. Ioan Pop-Curseu, president of the jury, distinguished professor and researcher of literature and film. With him, the other members of the jury are: Gabor Xantus, distinguished documentary producer and a scholar in the cinematic arts, Sergiu Matei, Emmy award winnig and world-wide known cameraman and, strating this year: Francisc Koos; Engineer, sound designer. He has studies of mathematics, electronics, music and film, an entire life spent in between technology and art. He is the creator of the soundtrack of many artistic films and animations (Through the Ashes of the Empire, Pintea, The Youth Elixir etc.) He had fruitful collaborations with film directors such as Ion Popescu Gopo, Andrei Blaier, Mircea Mureșan, Mircea Veroiu, Iosif Demian etc. He is the creator of the first music synthesizer (Moog) and sound effects in Romania (1975), this technology being used afterwards at Buftea Studios as well as in animation films. He’s the author of a number of articles and patents in the field of electronics and sound processing. He teaches at the Institute of Polytechnics in Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications. His present-day research focuses on the field of visual perception in relation to that of sound and the interpenetration of sound stream and images.

The public and the Cluj media will play an extremely important part at ClujShorts, as all 181 films will enter the Cluj Shorts 2016 Official Competition for the Audience Award and the Cluj Press Award (Vasile Hotea-Fernezan president,  Demostene Șofron, Cătălin Bogdan, Claudiu Pădurean, Oana Grigorescu, Ioan-Pavel Azap, Tiberiu Fărcaș) Furthermore, the Persona Association (producer and organizer of ClujShorts) will also grant a Special award for the production which manages to reunite in an original manner the central elements of the Persona Association: the passion for health, culture and people. (Complete list of awards you will find here, paragraf 5, Awards ).

In 2016 the competition will be a close one. However, more than just a short film competition, ClujShorts will provide an exciting environment for discussion and debate. Further information on this year’s events will be provided. 4-10th of April will be a truly intense week!

Tickets are available at Cinema Victoria. For further information visit or follow us on facebook

The shorts are near: ClujShorts – Official selection

ClujShorts 2016: 4-10 April, Victoria Cinema, Cluj-Napoca

 Firstly, we wish to thank everyone who has submitted their short films to be selected for ClujShorts. We are receiving more an more shorts of great quality every year and that makes it rather difficult for us to decide which to include in our official selection. It has been an honor to watch each and every short that has been sumbitted: we have learnt and discovered a great deal. Following heated discussions accompanied by what we would like to call true revelations, we are delighted to share our official selection here with you.

677 shorts have been submitted. After more than 175 hours of film-watching and several days of debate, we have reached a unanimous decision: we have selected 181 shorts. 181 films, or 36,92 hours filled with suspense, innovation and diversity will be screened at our 4th edition of ClujShorts, at Victoria Cinema.

Still, what does this selection actually mean?

Comedies of a fantastic humour, filled with subtilties and absurd.

Dramas with most complex characters and stories.

Animations that cover the range of visual delight from magical to grotesque.

Documentaries that engage the viewer to think critically and take stand.

Experimentals that bring you a truly synesthesic experience.

In short? Directors whom you probably have not heard of before, but whose names you will be sure to hear again.

However, our work is not done just yet. Out of 181 selected films, only a third will enter the official competition. We are currently viewing them again and debating. Therefore, you will hear from us again in two weeks with new information.

We would like to congratulate those who have been selected! Furthermore, we would like to thank you, not only for chosing ClujShorts, but also for helping us put together a truly remarkable edition. We look forward to seeing you all at ClujShorts!

Submissions Closed for ClujShorts 2016 - Let the Work Begin

ClujShorts 2016: 4-10 April, Victoria Cinema

30th of November, 23:59 submissions closed for the fourth edition of ClujShorts. We would like to thank the 677 directors and producers from around the world who have submitted their work and together with whom we are able to organize a fourth edition marked by diversity and full of surprises.

As in previous years, the participants originate from such a variety of countries from all continents, that it would be difficult to list them all here. According to our statistics, the countries with most submissions are Germany, France, Russia, Spain, The United Kingdom and India. 40% of all submitted films are made by students from Film Academies around the world. We also report a 75% increase of submitted Romanian films, as compared with the previous year.

December 2015: now that's what I call intense! The selection team members together with their

teamleader Rareș Stoica (ClujShorts' Artistic Director) are currently watching and scoring each submitted film. Four out of a total of seven team members are experts in the field of cinematography, whilst the remaining three are ardent film lovers from other areas of expertise; for confidentiality purposes their identity is kept anonymous. Each film is scored on a scale from 1 to 10 by every team member, who is required to write a short explanation for her/his choice.

January 2016: Though, the selection process is more complicated than it appears. Approximately 150 films have to be selected. However, listing films according to the sum of their allocated scores often proves insufficient because team members can have highly contradictory opinions. Ultimately, this accurately portrays the beauty of ClujShorts: all films are taken into account. They are extensively debated both before and after they are screened in the cinema: “Every year we argue. This is particularly true about films with borderline

scores. Usually, our decision is unanimous for half of the films. As for the other half, we each pick our favourites. To say nothing about deciding which films take part in the competition… It’s a nightmare (laughs). However, it is all worth it in the end”, says one of the selection team members in an interview due shortly for publication.

We will announce the films selected for ClujShorts 2016 in mid-January, when we will also be able to give you more details about what the fourth edition will bring. Until then we wish you Happy Holidays and we are looking forward to see you in 2016 with great new films!