ClujShorts 2017 – Official Competition

April 3-9, 2017

Victoria Cinema, Cluj-Napoca

ClujShorts - International Short Film Festival is pleased to announce the 52 films that will compete for the ClujShorts Trophy in the 2017 edition. The full list can be found here.

The last few months were not  easy on the selection team, whose job was to select the final 158 films. The short-films will be screened during the 5th edition of ClujShorts, at Victoria Cinema in Cluj-Napoca.

52 of the selected films met all technical and artistic criteria for the official competition. This year’s jury (Ioan Pop-Curseu, Gabor Xantus and Francis Koos) has the harder task to determine the winners.

As in previous years, the audience will also have the power to choose a winner – The Audience Award. Each audience member will vote his/hers favourite out of the 158 selected.  Also, the local press will also have the task to award their choice.

But ClujShorts is more than a competition: it's an environment full of energy, based on intense discussions and debates. Stay tuned for information regarding all the events the organizers are preparing for you.

The first week of April will be a truly intense one.

Around the world in 158 shorts: ClujShorts 2017 Official Selection

ClujShorts 2017, April 3-9 - Victoria Cinema, Cluj-Napoca

The 5th ClujShorts – International Short Film Festival welcomes you to an exciting journey around the globe.

This Year’s Official Selection features some of the best international short-films, focusing on both current and classical themes.   From politics to love, war and refugee issues, to sexuality and friendship, the films challenge to an open heart and mind.

The journey began during the preselection period, the 800 films submitted canvased a very diverse cultural map.  The Official Selection aims to capture this diversity in its 158 short-films, ranging from drama, comedy, animation, to horror, experimental, fantasy and science-fiction.

We would like to thank the directors, producers, distributors and all the others who submitted their films. Congratulations to those who have been selected. Thank you once again, not only for choosing ClujShorts, but also for helping us put together a truly beautiful edition.

We love #ShortFilms!

Check the list by clicking the link below:

Official selection 2017

ClujShorts Now Accepting Submissions for 2017 edition

ClujShorts International Short Film Festival is excited to announce its Call for Entries in all categories starting 1st of October. Submit your Short by the 30th of November 2016 and be part of the only film festival in Cluj-Napoca dedicated exclusively to short films of all kinds. For more information concerning rules and regulations please access

In the Spring of 2017, ClujShorts is coming back for its 5th Edition and it’s welcoming directors and film lovers from all around the world. With a full week of screenings and events, including Q&As, workshops and networking receptions, ClujShorts will bring a more youthful and vibrant vibe to the city’s well established cinematographic scene.

Our goal is to present the long story of short films by offering both a wide range of films and a lively setting for all film enthusiasts to interact in.

For new and exciting news regarding the festival and surrounding events follow us on and

The Cluj Shorts 2016 winners

After a busy, yet exciting week, we reveal this year’s winners.
Congratulations to the winners and big thanks to everyone who made this 4th edition possible.
Best Romanian Short: You were not there, director: Ioana Agatha Păltinel
For the convincing manner in which the film raises the issue of how we refer to our communist heritage and to the prison torturers who, following the Revolution, continued on living unperturbed.
Best picture: Raul Fernandez, The Call, France
For the wonderfully expressive image; for the manner in which the visual, chromatics and special effects contribute towards an atmosphere that combines the entrancing with the terrifying.
Best editing: José Luis Romeu, Ashen, Spain
For the ingenious way in which editing know-how is used to make the transition from reality to fantasy and to aid in telling a story that is profoundly humane and serene.
Best female role: Cristina Perales, In Self Defense, Spain
For a witty and nuanced interpretation of the part of a woman who finds herself on the brink of a profound personal crisis.
Best male role: Gérard Dessalles, The Prime of Life, France
For a powerful interpretation and for an expressive roleplay, for the actor’s outstanding physical presence
Best script: Baptiste Bertheuil, The Greenberry Method, France & Germany
For the ingenuity of the created scene, for the narrative’s sustained rhythm and for the coherent ethical problems raised under the semblance of humour and grotesque.
Best sound: Adel Gamehdar and Raoul Brand, The Translator, UK & Turkey
For the precision with which a diverse

range of sounds are combined, for the ability to weave a complex acoustic atmosphere, meant to be perceived only by a very attentive ear.

Best director: Oriol Cardus, 600 $, Spain
For the vigor with which the director was able to control the essential aspects of his film: screenplay, roleplay, editing, uniting them in an integrated project of a grand cinematic mastery.
Best student film: Last Train Home, director: Ansgar Glatt, Germany
For the professionalism and creativity with which this open ending drama was accomplished that manages to keep the audience on the edge of their seat even past the film credits.
Best documentary: Space with no borders, director: Roman Trtofimov, Russia
Because the narrative and visual means with which this documentary has been put together are worthy of an action film, creating a delightfully plastic portrait.
Best animation: Travel by Feet, director: Khris Cembe, Spain
For its dark and sadistic humour, for the vivacity of the animated characters and for the way in which the ending twist completely boggles the audience.
The Jury Prize: Naive Elisa, director: Antonio Cardenas Gaehd, Mexico
For the quality of the fictional atmosphere and for the angst which transpires through a remarkably plastic image.
The Dada 100 Trophy for best experimental film: Freedom and Independence, director: Bjorn Melhus, Germany
For the ease with which it questions social conventions, for the irony and tragedy which arise in selected sequences, for the experimental breaches it proposes.
ClujShorts Trophy: Champion, director: Måns Berthas, Sweden
For the ability to portray an awfully dramatic story without the use of any words, for the exceptional quality of image and sound, for the remarkable roleplay and for the flawless attention

to every single detail.

The Persona Association Award: Without milk, director: Thodoris Vournas, Greece
And the motivation is quite simple: we were able to find ourselves in the truthfulness of the story, in the tragic comedy about great ideals, hard work and the cruel reality of necessary compromise in the face of accomplishing one's dream is.